Glider - Commercial

CFI Glider

Build and fly my own airplane

Land a plane in all 50 states

Ski plane training in Alaska or somewhere up north!





Endorse Carson's Logbook to Solo an Airplane on his 16th Birthday (Completed 9/17)

NAFI Master CFI (10/16)

See Carson Solo a Glider on his 14th Birthday (Completed 2/16)

Complete Airline Transport Pilot (Completed 3/16)

Fly into Santa Monica Airport Before It Closes (Completed 11/15)

Gold Seal Instructor (Completed 9/15)

Fly to Canada (Completed 7/15)

Fly to Mexico (Completed 4/15)

NAFI Associate Master CFI (500hrs) (Completed 2/15)

Visit every Public Airport in Arizona (Completed 2/15)

Log 1500 Hours Flight Time (Completed 1/15)

Fly the US coast to coast, east to west(Completed 7-14)

Fly the US north to south(Completed 7-14)

Multi-Engine Instructor(Completed 07-14)

Flight Instructor - Instrument(Completed 5-14)

Masters Degree from Embry-Riddle (Completed 3-13)

Own an Airplane (Completed 11-12)

Attend Reno Air Races (Completed 9-12)

Certified Flight Instructor (Completed 1-13-12)

Aerobatic Training (Completed 7-18-11)

Bahamas X-Country (Completed 3-18-11)

Glider Rating (Completed 2-21-11)

Instrument Ground Instructor Certificate (Completed 2-3-11)

Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate (Completed 12-27-10)

Pass CFI FAA Written Exams (Completed 12/16/10)

Multi-Engine Rating (Completed 9/30-10/1/10)

Attend CAF AirSHO (Completed 10/9/10)

Commercial Pilot Certificate (Completed 7-17-10)

Complex Aircraft Endorsement (Completed 3-10)

Complete VA Aviation Passport Airport Tour (Completed 11-18-09)

Pass FAA Commercial Pilot Written Exam (Completed 11-2-09)

Tail Wheel Training & Endorsement (Completed 10-29-09)
(Andover Flight Academy)

High Performance Aircraft Endorsement (Completed 10-1-09)

Newport News to Richmond Intl & visit VA Aviation Museum (Completed 9-20-09)

Accelerated Instrument Course/Check Ride (Completed 8-19-09)

Attend EAA Air Venture 2009 (Completed 7-30-09) 

Fly a Piper Cherokee (Completed 7-8-09)

Single Engine Sea Plane Rating (May '09) (Completed 5-23-09)
North Carolina Sea Plane

X-Country from Virginia to Key West, Florida (April '09) (Completed 4-26-09)

Attend Sun-n-Fun 2009, Lakeland, Florida (April '09) (Completed 4-26-09)

Pass the FAA Instrument Written Exam (Completed 9-6-07)

Complete Commercial Pilot Cert Pre-Req Long X-Country (300Miles+) (Completed 8-18-07)

Night Flight Checkout (Completed 7-22-07)

Visit Air Force Museum (Spring '07) (Completed May 07)

Build cross-country time towards pre-req for Instrument Rating (Completed 2-11-07)

Fly @ 10,500ft in a Cessna 172 (Completed 2-11-07)

Fly the Diamond DA-20 Katana (Completed 1-12-07)

X-Country to Cape Hatteras & Ocracoke Island, NC  (Completed 12-18-06)

Salisbury to Cape May Excursion (Completed 12-10-06)

Newport News to Luray Caverns (Completed 10-26-06)

Newport News to First Flight and Wright Brothers Monument (Completed 9-22-06)

Newport News to Reading, PA for WWII Weekend Fly-In (Completed 6-4-06)